The Lanyard Recognition Program (LRP) is a great addition to any lodge or youth organization. Through decades of experience helping groups outfit their program, we have built our program. While “Coup Thongs” aren’t anything new to some lodges (Tamegonit for example has had theirs for over 50 years), they aren’t currently widely adopted nationwide, as each lodge sets their own rules.

When a lodge adopts the LRP, they will start to see results right away. A Lanyard is an immediate conversation starter. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been asked “What’s that necklace for?” from members of other councils when attending out-of-council events (like high adventure, etc). This effect works the same with non-members and generates immediate interest. New members beam with pride when they are adorned with their lanyard and it helps build unity and bonds the members further together.

Listed below you will find many supporting points that will help you understand the significance of the program. New customers have reported growth in their units and lodges within the first year, some as high as 25%. While it’s not uncommon knowledge that kids like beads, it’s amazing what they will do to earn one.



Start a new tradition in your Lodge that’s fun and engaging!

• Each bead tells a story
• Totems represent OA level of achievement
• Sphere beads show a Scout’s tenure in the program
• Builds on history and shows involvement


Scouts love recognition!

• Lanyard programs promote better participation  
• Recognition is fun
• Scouts loves earning beads and don’t want to “miss out”
• Helps increase attendance, up to 25%


What’s that?!

• Lanyards are instant conversation starters
• Identifies active Scouts who are leaders and role models to younger Scouts
• Other Arrowmen identify you as someone who has given serious thought to the ideals of OA


Earn money for your program!

• The sale of lanyards, beads and totems creates a continuous revenue stream for your Lodge
• Helps support operations and can fund new lodge initiatives


Shannon Tucker is the owner and operator of Scott’s Iconium Store and is also known as “the bead guy”. He is a life-long scouter with over 30 years in the program and has earned both the Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout from the Heart of America Council. He became a member of the Order in 1989 when he went through his ordeal, then sealing his membership with brotherhood in 1990 and he held his Vigil in 2009. Shannon continues in Scouting with his 3 boys that are all active in their Pack and Troop.

Shannon “The Bead Guy” Tucker
(417) 646-2221